Folder Lock 7.9.0 Free Download

 **Secure Your Files with Folder Lock 7!**

🔒 **Protect Your Data**: Folder Lock 7 safeguards your files in Windows, DOS, and Safe modes, even during OS changes or booting from a disk.

🚫 **Unbreakable Security**: It won't allow deletion of its program folder and can't be uninstalled without the correct password.

🔐 **Additional Features**: Enjoy Stealth Mode, Hacker Attempt Monitoring, File Shredding, AutoLock, Auto Shutdown, PC Lock, Data Erasure, 256-bit Encryption, and a Context Menu in Explorer.

**Key Features of Folder Lock 7:**

🔑 **File Encryption**: Secure your personal files with dynamic 256-bit encryption.

🌐 **Online Backup**: Automatically back up encrypted files to online storage and easily restore them.

💽 **USB/CD Protection**: Convert encrypted storage into executables for portable drives.

📂 **File Locking**: Block access to important files, folders, and drives.

👛 **Secure Wallets**: Store sensitive info like credit cards and bank accounts in encrypted form.

🗑️ **File Shredding**: Permanently delete files, folders, drives, and empty hard drive space.

🕵️ **Stealth Mode**: Run the application covertly, so no one knows it's installed.

🛡️ **Hack Security**: Monitor and thwart dictionary attacks by hackers.

🔒 **Password Security**: Use an admin-level master password to control access to different parts of the application.

🕒 **Auto Protection**: Activate security policies when your PC is idle.

**Supported OS**: Folder Lock works seamlessly with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10.

Don't leave your data vulnerable. Download Folder Lock 7 now from this link on and fortify your files with unbeatable security!

Download Folder Lock for PC

Folder Lock 7.9.0 | File Size: 8 MB
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Password 123

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