Lansweeper Free Download (2023 Latest)

 Discover and manage your network effortlessly with Lansweeper! It's an automated tool that scans your devices and showcases them on a user-friendly web interface. No need for agent installations; it uses built-in functionality. Check it out on

Why Choose Lansweeper?

1. **Software Inventory:** Easily track and audit installed software. Create reports to identify applications on each computer. Detect unknown software and outdated applications from the web interface.

2. **Hardware Inventory:** Not just computers, Lansweeper identifies all hardware devices. It tracks changes and removals, even for non-Windows devices like printers and routers.

3. **License Compliance:** Keeping software licenses updated can be time-consuming. Lansweeper simplifies this. Know how many software versions are installed and track missing licenses.

4. **Compliance Reporting:** Ensure a smoothly running network with compliance reporting. Create various asset management reports. Identify outdated virus scanners or missing patches.

5. **Active Directory Integration:** Lansweeper syncs active directory user and computer details. Generate reports based on organizational units, integrate user pictures, and clean up Active Directory.

6. **Eventlog Integration:** Consolidate Windows computer errors from Eventlogs. Receive email alerts for important errors, enhancing your system's health.

Visit to download Lansweeper and optimize your network management today! Your network's efficiency is just a click away.

Download Lansweeper for Windows

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