Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier Portable

 Discover Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier, your trusted tool for checking if your Windows or Office copy is genuine. It's easy and quick!

1. **Simple Setup**: Installing this tool is a breeze. Just unzip the archive where you want it on your hard drive. If you encounter any issues accessing the file, unblock it from the Properties menu.

2. **User-Friendly Interface**: While not the flashiest, the interface is straightforward and won't confuse you. It's a single, medium-sized window with intuitive fields. Just specify the input file, and the tool handles the rest.

3. **Wide Compatibility**: This tool recognizes a vast range of hashes linked to Microsoft's operating systems and Office packages. It can even handle older versions like Office 95 and Windows XP.

4. **Quick Verification**: If you've used other third-party software to scan a file, you can enter the SHA-1 in the dedicated field for instant verification. Verifying an ISO file is a swift process that won't eat up your time.

5. **Legal Peace of Mind**: If you're reinstalling Windows or Office and want to ensure you have genuine copies, this tool can save you from potential legal complications.

Download it now from []( and verify the authenticity of your Windows and Office copies hassle-free. It supports a wide range of operating systems and Office versions, ensuring you're always in compliance. Don't take chances – get your genuine Windows ISO verifier today!

Download Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier for PC

Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier | File Size: 3 MB

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