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 Discover the world of music with Everyone Piano, a user-friendly software utility that transforms your computer keyboard into a piano. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, Everyone Piano is your gateway to piano learning and creativity.

Key Features of Everyone Piano Portable:

- **Connect External MIDI Keyboard:** Elevate your music experience by connecting an external MIDI keyboard and enjoy the grand piano feel.

- **Two-Hand Playing:** Master the art of piano playing with support for playing with both hands separately.

- **Automatic Accompaniment:** Explore the world of rhythm and synchronization with automatic accompaniment.

- **Customize Keyboard Layout:** Tailor the note layout of your keyboard to match your preferences.

- **Dynamic Skins:** Switch dynamic skins to suit your mood and style.

- **Musical Notation Learning:** Enhance your musical knowledge with support for stave and numbered musical notation learning.

- **Adjust Playing Speed:** Set your own pace by adjusting the playing speed.

- **Vsti Sound Database:** Expand your musical horizons by loading the Vsti sound database.

- **Onboard Sound Card:** Experience real-time playback with support for onboard sound cards.

- **Pedal Simulation:** Add depth to your music with piano pedal simulation.

- **Customize Keyboard:** Customize your keyboard settings and play semitones effortlessly.

- **Record and Playback:** Record your compositions, play them back, and see your music score.

- **Demo and Teaching Music:** Explore a wealth of demo and teaching music to guide your learning journey.

- **Entertainment Plug-Ins:** Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment with dozens of teaching and entertainment plug-ins.

Everyone Piano empowers you to play a virtual grand piano with your computer keyboard. You can even record your compositions in EOP format, listen to your music, and identify areas for improvement. It's a versatile tool that grows with you, from learning to composing.

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