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 Introducing FastCopy, the need for speed in Windows file copying and backup. FastCopy's here to make your file tasks faster, smoother. It's the speed champ, and it does more than just copy files.

FastCopy Pro's got some cool tricks up its sleeve. First, it handles UNICODE and super-long file paths without a hitch. No more path-length worries!

Speed? Yeah, FastCopy's got that covered. It uses multiple threads, does Overlapped I/O and Direct I/O – all geeky stuff that means it's lightning fast. Hard drives or SSDs, it doesn't care – it'll make your data fly.

Filters? FastCopy's got your back. Include, exclude, just like those fancy UNIX wildcards. No more sifting through unwanted files – it's your time saver.

Fast and light – that's FastCopy's motto. It's built lean, no bulky MFC stuff. Win32 API and C Runtime, that's what it uses. Your system stays snappy, no slowdowns.

FastCopy isn't just for the pros; it's for everyone. Got huge backups? Or just need to move files around? FastCopy's your sidekick.

Speed freaks, this is it. FastCopy's the Usain Bolt of copy/backup software for Windows. It's multi-threaded, UNICODE-friendly, filter-smart, and a resource efficiency wizard.

Why wait? Get the speed and power of FastCopy today. Don't miss out! Download it now from this link on and let your files fly.

Download FastCopy Pro for Windows

FastCopy Free 5.3.1 | 32/64 bit | File Size: 3 MB
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FastCopy Pro 5.3.1 | 32/64 bit | File Size: 4 MB
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Portable FastCopy Pro 5.3.0 | 32/64 bit | File Size: 3 MB
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