Starus Web Detective 3.8 Free Download

 🌐 **Discover Lost Browsing Data with Starus Web Detective!**

Ever wished you could recover erased browsing history and delve deep into web browser analysis? Look no further! Starus Web Detective is here to save the day.

🌟 **Key Features:**

- **Recover Deleted Data:** No matter what, Starus Web Detective can find your data. Even after history wipes, uninstallation, or system changes.

- **View Any Browser Data:** It's like a digital detective. Explore history, bookmarks, downloads, passwords, and more.

- **Incognito Mode Insights:** Even when users go incognito, this tool reveals crucial info about their online activity.

- **Comprehensive Analysis:** Get a detailed look at user's online behavior, from web visits to translations and social media activity.

- **Data Filtering:** Easily filter and sort data. Want to see gambling sites? No problem!

- **User-Friendly Wizard:** Navigate the investigation effortlessly with a step-by-step wizard interface.

- **Export Findings:** Save your discoveries as Excel spreadsheets, HTML pages, or PDFs with the export wizard.

- **Restore Deleted Files:** If browser files are lost, Starus Web Detective can help you recover them.

🕵️‍♀️ **Supported Browsers:**

- Google Chrome

- Mozilla Firefox

- Internet Explorer

- Microsoft Edge

- Safari

- Opera Browser

- Vivaldi

- ...and many more!

Don't let erased history stay hidden. Uncover the truth with Starus Web Detective! Download now and become a web sleuth.

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Download Starus Web Detective for Windows

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