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 **Free Download Garden Planner: Cultivate Your Dream Garden**

Unleash your inner gardener with Garden Planner, a delightful program for designing the garden you've always envisioned, complete with a vast array of plants, trees, and more. This software is not only powerful but also incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible to garden enthusiasts of all skill levels.

**Intuitive Design Interface**

Garden Planner boasts a professional-looking and intuitive interface that allows you to embark on your garden design journey with ease. You have the choice to create a new project from scratch or kickstart your creativity with one of the pre-designed sample plans, whether it's a charming deck and lawn, a small garden with a pool, a hedge garden with a fountain, or a chic terrace garden.

**Limitless Customization**

This garden design tool offers an extensive library of objects that span numerous categories, including 'Trees,' 'Shrubs and Plants,' 'Flowers,' 'Ground Cover,' 'Buildings,' 'Walls and Fences,' 'Herbs,' and 'Symbols.' Each object is fully customizable, allowing you to personalize details such as their names, sizes, rotations, colors, and locking modes.

**Designing Flexibility**

Garden Planner empowers you with an array of tools to craft various garden elements like paths, garden beds, walls, fences, paving, pools, ponds, gravel, stones, edges, and hoses. The versatility of these tools, ranging from lines, curves, shapes, to freehand options, ensures your garden design matches your imagination.

**Effortless Object Manipulation**

Manipulate objects effortlessly by rotating, resizing, and duplicating them. Bring items to the forefront or send them to the back. Add labels, introduce shadows, and make use of the grid for precision. And if you ever need to backtrack or redo a step, the undo and redo functions are at your disposal.

**Detailed Planning**

In 'Preview' mode, craft a detailed print plan by selecting the specific types of objects you want to include and their quantities. The flexibility continues with the option to export your project as a custom-sized JPEG or PNG image.

**In-Depth Insights**

The 'Notebook' mode lets you explore detailed statistics for all the objects in your project, offering a comprehensive view of total numbers, quantities, names, and sizes of shrubs and plants. You can save this list as a plain text document or a table in CSV format.

Garden Planner takes your garden design seriously, allowing you to import images into your plan, zoom in and out, and change measurement units to suit your preferences. This graphic editing program seamlessly combines powerful features with a user-friendly interface. While it offers a plethora of capabilities, even beginners can navigate it easily, thanks to its intuitive layout.

Discover the world of Garden Planner - download it for free today and cultivate your garden dreams into reality.

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