Light Image Resizer 6.1.8 + Portable Download (2023)

 Are you looking to enhance your image management and editing capabilities? Look no further than Light Image Resizer, a versatile and user-friendly application available for download on With Light Image Resizer, you can take control of your digital pictures and images, making resizing, compression, conversion, and organization a breeze.

**Why Choose Light Image Resizer?**

1. **Optimize Your Digital Image Collection:** Light Image Resizer is a must-have tool for anyone who stores digital photos and images on their PC. It empowers you to adjust the resolution and size of your images, allowing for efficient storage and organization.

2. **E-mail Friendly Images:** Create e-mail-friendly versions of your pictures, enabling faster loading and easy sharing. Say goodbye to bulky attachments that clog up your inbox.

3. **Seamless Integration:** This powerful tool seamlessly integrates into the Windows explorer shell, putting its capabilities right at your fingertips. Simply right-click on your pictures to start working on them.

**Features of Light Image Resizer Full:**

- **Resize and Convert:** Effortlessly resize pictures or convert them into various formats. Specify your desired output resolution, create copies, resize the originals, and even compress files. You can also choose a specific destination for your processed images. Whether you're working with individual photos or batch editing, Light Image Resizer has you covered.

- **Extra Settings:** Add watermarks to protect your work or apply copyright notices with HTML-like text formatting and transparency support. Customize your images further by converting them to sepia tones or adding borders. The live preview window allows you to preview the final result before processing, ensuring you get the desired outcome. Light Image Resizer works on files, folders, and subfolders, even supporting RAW formats. With integrated multi-core support, image conversion is faster than ever. Access the application easily from Windows shell explorer with a simple right-click on the image or folder.

- **Output and Export:** Share your photos directly as attachments, individually or in a ZIP file, via email using the publish function. Say goodbye to email server limitations as Light Image Resizer helps you stay within the size constraints. You can also create, edit, export, and backup new profiles with your preferred settings. Popular profiles like FULL HD resolution wallpapers, iPod, NTSC, and 640×480 are already predefined. Access profiles with a single click thanks to shell integration.

- **Digital Frame Optimization:** Transfer photos to digital frames and optimize space effortlessly with the Digital Picture Frame Wizard. Resize your pictures to match the frame's supported resolution and add more photos for a seamless viewing experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to simplify your image management tasks and take full control of your digital photos. Light Image Resizer is the tool you need to make your image editing and organization tasks efficient and hassle-free. Download it now from and experience the difference!

Download Light Image Resizer for Windows

Light Image Resizer 6.1.8 | File Size: 10 MB
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Portable Light Image Resizer 6.1.8 | File Size: 11 MB
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