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 **Free Download E-Z Contact Book: Your Ultimate Contact Management Solution**

At MrFreeDownload.com, we are delighted to offer you a **free download of E-Z Contact Book**, a user-friendly yet robust Windows application designed for efficient contact information management. This versatile software can serve as your personal contact address and phone book, a business directory, or a customer database. E-Z Contact Book simplifies the process of storing and organizing vital contact details, such as phone numbers, addresses, emails, web pages, notes, and important event reminders, all within a single, easy-to-use application.

**Key Features of E-Z Contact Book:**

**1. Store and Organize Contacts**

E-Z Contact Book allows you to effortlessly store, enter, and edit contact information, making it the ideal tool for managing personal and business phone numbers, emails, web pages, addresses, customer notes, and event reminders. With this software, you can keep all your essential contact details in one convenient location.

**2. Group Contacts**

Organize your contacts into custom groups, whether they are friends, family, business associates, or any other category you prefer. This feature streamlines the process of finding specific contacts when you need them.

**3. Versatile Sorting and Search**

Sort your contact data by any column and customize the sort order, whether in ascending or descending order. E-Z Contact Book also offers a unique and speedy "wildcard" search function that allows you to find contacts within the entire book or specific groups quickly.

**4. Seamless Email and Web Integration**

Easily send emails using your default email program and open web pages with your preferred browser directly from E-Z Contact Book. This integration enhances your productivity and ensures smooth communication.

**5. Import and Export Data**

The software provides flexibility in importing contacts from various sources and exporting them as needed. You can export contacts into comma-delimited (*.csv) files, vCard files, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail CSV files, or save them as database backups. This feature ensures that your contact data remains accessible and adaptable to different platforms.

**6. Synchronization and Printing Options**

Synchronize your contacts with mobile devices and other PCs using a Google account, ensuring that your contact information is always up to date. E-Z Contact Book also offers the capability to preview and print single contact cards, the entire contact book, or filtered sections of the book. You can print mail envelopes, address labels, and Avery address labels to streamline your correspondence.

**7. Event Reminders and Location Mapping**

E-Z Contact Book simplifies event management by providing popup reminders for birthdays and recurring events. Additionally, it offers a unique feature that displays contact locations on Google Maps for added convenience.

Experience the power of E-Z Contact Book in simplifying your contact management tasks. Download it now to streamline your contact organization, communication, and event reminders with this user-friendly yet feature-rich Windows application. Make managing your contacts a breeze with E-Z Contact Book.

Download E-Z Contact Book for Windows

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