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 **Free Download: UltraSearch Pro - Lightning-Fast File and Folder Search**

Experience the lightning speed of file and folder searches with a free download of UltraSearch Pro from MrFreeDownload.com. If you need to locate files and directories on your local NTFS drives quickly and efficiently, UltraSearch is the solution you've been looking for.

**UltraSearch Pro: Turbo-Charged File Search**

Say goodbye to sluggish searches and wasted time with UltraSearch Pro. Here's why it's the ultimate tool for finding files and folders:

**Swift Results Without Indexing:**

- UltraSearch doesn't rely on indexing, saving valuable hard drive space and ensuring lightning-fast results.

- It directly accesses the Master File Table (MFT) of NTFS partitions, providing search results within seconds.

- UltraSearch even recognizes NTFS hardlinks for comprehensive search coverage.

**Effortless Searching:**

- Find files and directories by entering a file name or using patterns like *.exe, with results appearing as you type.

- UltraSearch supports regular expressions, offering advanced search options.

**Comprehensive Information:**

- Get additional file details such as size and various dates (last changes, last access, and file creation).

- Access the familiar Explorer context menu within UltraSearch for added convenience.

**Customized Search:**

- Create exclude filters to remove specific folders, files, or file types from search results.

- Sort and organize search results based on different criteria, and print or export them in various formats like text, RTF, HTML, CSV, and Excel files.

**Efficiency and Accessibility:**

- Save and select up to 100 recently used search patterns from a dropdown list.

- UltraSearch can suggest patterns and automatically complete manually entered patterns.

- Start UltraSearch directly from the Windows Explorer context menu for swift searches within selected directories.

**Take Your Searches Anywhere:**

- Enjoy the freedom to use UltraSearch wherever you need it with the portable ZIP version.

Revolutionize your file and folder search experience with UltraSearch Pro. Download it for free from MrFreeDownload.com and say hello to efficiency and speed in your file searches.

Download UltraSearch Pro for Windows

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