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2D Rogue-Like Game Using Unity With Source Code

by Khushi
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This whole gaming project is developed using Unity. There are many Assets including files such as Images, scripts, prefabs. Language used for the development of the game is “C#”. This is a simple 2D rogue-like game is specially made for the Unity beginners. Talking about the Gameplay, User has collect/eat foods and enter exit point. Player should not touch or go near the enemy because it will deduct the player’s food life, as a result the player will starve and game over. Some foods are also hidden in the bushes. It can be played on any platforms such as PC, Tablets, Android Devices etc. This project is easy to operate and understand by the C# learners and developers as well as others too.
In the below slider you can see the game in 2 different platforms – Android phones and PC.


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