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 Get Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory for free from our software library. This robust Forensics software packs all the power of previous DC LIVE/Forensics versions and adds some exciting new features. You’ll have the best odds globally of extracting voices from challenging audio recordings.

Discover extensive editing options. You can insert markers and labels, tweak gain in highlighted sections, apply fade in/out effects, and modify the Wave header, covering format tag, sample rate, channels, bit depth, block alignment, and average bytes/second. The software also allows you to adjust sample rate, resolution, conversion quality, and dithering mode. Schedule recordings by time, generate test signal wave files, convert stereo to mono, or vice versa. Share presets like averaging, bandpass, blender, and more with other users.


Unlock an array of filters, effects, and forensic tools. The batch file editor lets you apply filters to multiple files simultaneously, such as auto-leveling or big click removal. Clean up audio tracks by fine-tuning scratch, crackle, hiss, and humming levels. Craft multi-filters from individual ones, manage virtual photo preamp settings, run DirectX plugins, and eliminate clicks, pops, large clicks, harmonically rich noise, and selected frequencies. Add realistic reverb, punch, multi-tap echo, and tone controls. Simulate tube sounds with a virtual valve amplifier. Tweak dynamics processing, expanders, and noise gates. Play tracks in reverse, blend left and right channels, adjust speed, time, pitch, and more.

During our tests, we encountered no error dialogs, crashes, or hangs. The software consumes low CPU and moderate RAM but may perform simple tasks slowly, like repositioning the main window.

In conclusion, Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory is a dependable and versatile application for analyzing, restoring, and enhancing audio tracks. It caters to the needs of experienced users.

Unlock the full potential of Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory. Benefit from features such as Surveillance Audio Recording, Forensics Audio Authentication, Voice-Printing, Formant Analysis, File Transcription, Time Expansion, Speed/Pitch Change, Audio Restoration, Voice Garbling, Audio Measurements, Format Conversions, Statistical Tools, and much more.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Download Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory now from this link on and take your audio analysis and enhancement to the next level.

Download Diamond Cut Forensics10 Audio Laboratory for PC

Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory 11.00.0 | File Size: 65 MB
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Portable Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory 11.00.0 | File Size: 77 MB
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