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Bootstrap Studio 6.5.1 Free Download (Win/Mac)

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**Bootstrap Studio: The Ultimate Web Design Companion – Free Download**

Are you seeking a powerful solution to effortlessly craft stunning, responsive websites? Look no further than Bootstrap Studio, a remarkable desktop application that harnesses the power of the Bootstrap framework. Offering both a free download and a full version packed with exceptional features, this software is your gateway to creating beautiful, user-friendly websites.


**Free Download and Installation**

Before we delve into the impressive array of features offered by Bootstrap Studio, let’s get you started with a free download. With just a few clicks, you can have this robust web design tool on your desktop, ready to bring your creative ideas to life.

**Key Features of Bootstrap Studio Full**

– **Simplified Interface**: Bootstrap Studio boasts an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, perfect for both prototyping and designing web pages and applications.

– **Extensive Component Library**: Access a rich collection of built-in components, including headers, footers, galleries, slideshows, and basic elements like spans and divs, to create responsive web pages with ease.

– **Smart Drag & Drop**: Bootstrap Studio knows how to nest Bootstrap components, making it a breeze to generate clean and semantic HTML effortlessly.

– **Create Custom Components**: Extract and reuse sections of your designs as Custom Components, making them readily available for future projects. You can also share these components with others.

– **Online Library Access**: If you require components not found in the built-in library, explore the Online tab in the Component Panel, offering a plethora of community-contributed elements. You can even contribute your own.

– **Linked Components**: Synchronize components, such as headers and footers, for seamless updates across multiple pages.

– **Realtime Preview**: Witness instant changes in your design as you make them, thanks to the powerful Preview feature, allowing you to view your work across various web browsers and devices simultaneously.

– **Code Editing**: Enjoy full control over your markup when needed, with the ability to import and edit CSS, JavaScript, and HTML in the editor.

– **Advanced CSS Editor**: The CSS editing interface supports auto-suggest, rule validation, and displays active and inherited rules.

– **JavaScript Editing**: Write and test JavaScript with real-time preview synchronization.

– **HTML Editing**: Craft HTML directly with the Custom Code component or convert any page section as needed.

– **Import Existing Websites**: Easily import HTML, CSS, JS files, and images from previous projects into Bootstrap Studio.

– **Specialized Bootstrap Tools**: The app’s specialized tools streamline work with the Bootstrap grid, column management, and responsive visibility classes.

– **Google Webfonts Integration**: Seamlessly manage fonts with Google Webfonts integration, including font family name suggestions in the CSS editor.

– **Productivity Features**: Bootstrap Studio supports keyboard shortcuts to enhance your workflow efficiency.

– **Themes and Icons**: Access built-in Bootstrap themes, icon fonts, templates, and components for unique design combinations.

– **Automatic Updates**: Enjoy the latest features and improvements with monthly updates that keep Bootstrap Studio current and relevant.

Built for Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap Studio will update to support Bootstrap 4 upon its release. It’s the ultimate tool for web design, simplifying the creation of fully functional prototypes with unparalleled ease. Download it today and bring your web design visions to life with confidence.

Download Bootstrap Studio for Windows

Bootstrap Studio 6.5.1 | Win64 | File Size: 128 MB
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Bootstrap Studio 4.5.7 | Win 32/64 | File Size: 94 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 

Bootstrap Studio 5.8.3 | Mac | File Size: 107 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar

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