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CaptureWiz 7.50 Free Download

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 CaptureWiz empowers you to seize it all—screen images, vast scrolling regions, screen activity, video, and audio. Innovative elements, such as its practical pop-out capture toolbar, ensure swift and effortless operation.

CaptureWiz is no longer the sole domain of documentation experts; it’s now accessible to anyone seeking to capture content from their PC. Just like digital scissors, you can snip and paste anything from your screen—be it video presentations, PDF documents, treasure maps, or computer settings. Gathering reference material is as simple as taking snapshots. Conveying a computer issue? Capture a screenshot and dispatch it to tech support. Utilize screen captures to share brilliant concepts or plain data with individuals lacking your applications or operating system. Incorporate it into your daily routine for clarification, recollection, and organization.


The hallmark of a remarkable capture tool is convenience, and CaptureWiz delivers it by furnishing straightforward tools, visible against any backdrop, guiding you through three swift steps. Time-saving innovations encompass a swift predictive capture tool, a scroll tool that captures almost anything that scrolls—both horizontally and vertically, a precision framing tool, and a versatile full-screen preview.

Capture precise replicas of anything on your screen, including challenging elements like menus, drop-down lists, tooltips, mouse pointers, and screensavers. Dispatch captured content to a sequentially numbered file (GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP), a printer, email, an image editor, or even a desktop sticky note. Additionally, a thumbnail viewer automatically retains backups for future reference. Advanced users will appreciate programmable hotkeys, customizable buttons, and the recorder’s start and stop time settings. Your learning journey is supported by daily tips, interactive demonstrations, a printable guide, and a comprehensive help file.

CaptureWiz Full Features:

1. Adaptable area targeting software.

2. Capture any screen part and save it in various formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP).

3. Opt for what to capture with precision.

4. An intuitive image editor for tweaking.

5. Rotate, flip, invert, and resize images.

6. Easily print or email captured images.

In summary, CaptureWiz Pro is a versatile screen capturing tool that simplifies the process of capturing, editing, and saving screen content in various formats. It excels in handling tricky elements, making it an essential tool for both beginners and advanced users. Download it now from the link on MrFreeDownload.com and unlock a world of efficient screen capturing possibilities.

Download CaptureWiz for Windows

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