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by Khushi
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This package contains a group of optimised foliage models, tileable textures and high quality sound of leafs on the wind.

5 trees
Bark texture 1k
Branch with leafs texture 1k
Tree01 6344 tris
Tree02 7364 tris
Tree03 2764 tris
Tree04 2024 tris
Tree05 4040 tris

Bench 2 parts, 1k textures, 3876 tris
Garbage can, 1k textures, 1062 tris
Lamp, 1k textures, 1588 tris
Big mirror, 1k textures, 480 tris
Main object, 1k textures, 1264 tris
Fence, 2 parts, 1k textures
Part01 1128 tris
Part02 60 tris
Gate, 1k textuers, 1258 tris

Sound of tree leafs, bitrate 246kbps

1 texture of grass
1 texture of flowers

Ground textures
Gravel 1k
Grass 1k
Dirt 1k


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