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The asset has been developed over many years and has gone through a long beta test. As a result, it already has an extensive feature list:

Key Features

☑ Worldwide coverage from OpenStreetMap.
☑ Easy to use interface with no coding required.
☑ Unified package for the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and Built-In pipeline, with materials and shaders all set up for you on import.
☑ Import real world terrain heightmaps from NASA with freely available Earthdata login.
☑ Perlin Noise heightmaps.
☑ 2D map editing functionality for custom map creation.
☑ Automatic generation of roads using a combination of procedural geometry, terrain modifications, and decals.
☑ Automatic levelling of terrain for roads and buildings.
☑ Easy to use terrain smoothing.
☑ Procedural buildings with auto LOD levels.
☑ Spawning of roadside prefabs such as street lighting.
☑ Mesh extrusion for features like railways, fences and guard rails.
☑ Define different biomes to have trees and terrain details automatically applied to terrains.
☑ Water meshes for oceans and lakes.
☑ Built-in support for large environments with scene streaming and world origin shifting.
☑ Some operations multithreaded for faster generation of environments.
☑ Selection of textures & prefabs included and all setup for demonstration in Unity’s built-in renderer.
☑ Fully customizable to use your own textures and meshes, so useful for all types of project.
☑ Call CityGen3D functions from script using the advanced API.
☑ Ever expanding documentation that is freely available to view from the website before purchase.



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