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EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro 5.21 + Portable

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 **Free Download EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro: Elevate Your Web Graphics**

Unlock the potential of your web graphics with a free download of EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro from our software library. EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro is a robust software that empowers you to create stunning banner ads, web buttons, headers, and more for your online projects. Whether you’re an experienced designer or a beginner, this software is user-friendly and versatile, making it the ideal choice for all your graphic design needs.


**EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro: Your Graphics Companion**

EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro is a powerful tool that supports layer composition, allowing you to work with raster images and vector shapes. You can easily add and edit these elements to create visually impressive graphics. The software provides a wide array of preset gradient styles, background images, and patterns to enhance your designs. Additionally, it offers features like bevel and shadow effects for creating high-impact ads with a 3D touch. With support for popular image formats like GIF, JPG, and PNG, you have the flexibility to design graphics that suit your specific needs.

**Key Features of EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro:**

– **500+ Banner Templates:** Choose from a vast collection of pre-designed high-quality templates to jumpstart your design process.

– **200+ Web Button Templates:** Access a variety of web button templates to create interactive and engaging buttons for your website.

– **Vector-Based Drawing Tools:** Shape graphics as desired with vector-based drawing tools, including the ability to fill shapes with colors, gradients, images, or textures.

– **Stunning Effects:** Apply over 60 effects to create vivid animated banners, providing an engaging visual experience for your audience.

– **Layer Editing:** Utilize the Layers feature to control the position of various objects in your design, enabling complex layering and creating unique effects.

– **Multiple Output Formats:** Save your graphics in popular image formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, and TIFF.

– **Animation Capabilities:** Create and edit animations with ease, adjusting frames, blending, and optimizing animations for web use.

EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro is your key to designing visually striking web graphics. It offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features, ensuring you can craft professional banners and buttons with ease. Download it for free from MrFreeDownload.com and elevate your web graphics to the next level.

Download EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro for Windows

EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro 5.21 | File Size: 33 MB
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Portable EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro 5.21 | File Size: 41 MB
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