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EximiousSoft Poster Designer 5.21 + Portable Download

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 **Free Download: EximiousSoft Poster Designer – Create Stunning Posters and Flyers**

Elevate your poster and flyer design game with EximiousSoft Poster Designer, now available for free download from our software library. Unleash your creativity and produce attractive promotional materials effortlessly using this professional graphic design tool.


**Masterful Design with EximiousSoft Poster Designer:**

– **Easy Design of Posters and Flyers:** EximiousSoft Poster Designer comes packed with 2000+ templates in pure vector format, ensuring top quality designs. Each template is fully editable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Choose the best-matching template for your project or start from scratch. The software also includes over 5000 vector symbols and 1000+ clip art options. These can be effortlessly added to your designs using drag and drop. Once your posters are ready, export them in a variety of formats, including PDF, SVG, SVGZ, PS, PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP, and more. You can print them without distortion on a local printer.

– **Professional Design Tools:** EximiousSoft Poster Designer is a powerful vector editing software equipped with a wide range of design tools to cater to your poster design needs. It supports WYSIWYG editing for complex path objects and provides tools for creating basic graphics, such as rectangles, ellipses, spirals, polygons, stars, and Bezier curves. The software also offers a text editor on the canvas, integrating text editing and layout. You’ll find features like Search/Replace and automatic Spell Checking. Customize graphics by filling or stroking them with solid colors, gradient colors, images, patterns, and more. The software provides over 100 filters to add dazzling effects to your designs.

**EximiousSoft Poster Designer Full Features:**

– **Top Quality Poster Templates:** Access over 2000 pre-designed vector format poster templates, each fully editable to meet your unique requirements.

– **Practical Clip Art Material:** Enhance your designs with clip arts, simply drag and drop them into your poster. Each element within the clip art can be extracted for further editing.

– **5000+ Predesigned Shapes:** Choose from a vast collection of over 5000 shapes to meet your poster design needs. Add shapes with drag and drop for visual editing.

– **Print Posters and Flyers:** Export your poster designs as graphics or images for printing through outside services or on a home or office printer.

– **Import from Graphics and Images:** Import vector graphics in formats like SVG, SVGZ, PDF, AI, EMF, WMF, CDR, CDT, VSD, VSDX, and more. The software also supports raster image formats such as ICON, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and more.

– **Export to Graphics and Images:** Export your poster designs in vector graphics formats like SVG, SVGZ, PDF, EMF, WMF, and more without losing quality. Raster image formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and more are also supported.

– **Draw Basic Shapes:** Easily draw rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, spirals, and more on the canvas. Options for drawing shapes allow you to create unique artwork quickly.

– **Path Drawing & Editing Tools:** Draw path objects with the Freehand, Pen, and Brush tools. Perform Path Boolean operations on selected shapes and edit paths with the Node tool.

– **Fill & Stroke:** Shapes, texts, and paths can be filled with solid colors, gradient colors, images, patterns, and more. Stroke options are available for solid color, gradient colors, images, and patterns, along with the ability to set width, dash, cap, join for different styles.

– **300+ Amazing Filters:** Apply filters with a single mouse click to add a professional touch to your designs. Each filter offers numerous options for fine-tuning your results.

– **Edit Text In Place:** Edit and typeset text with ease, just like in general word processing software. Place text on a path for curved text or within a frame for grouping objects.

– **Spell Check & Find/Replace:** The software automatically detects and recommends correctly spelled words, allowing for efficient spell checking. Find and replace words within all text objects individually or in batches.

– **Transform & Smart Layout:** Translate, scale, rotate, skew, and perform other transformations with drag and drop. Support for grouping, ungrouping, flipping, masking, clipping objects, as well as arranging objects with alignment, distribution, and layers editing.

– **Modern UI Interface:** The software features an MS Office Ribbon interface that provides an instant preview of your results when using gallery commands. Enjoy the convenience of undo and redo functions. No advanced skills are required; EximiousSoft Poster Designer is user-friendly and powerful.

Elevate your poster and flyer design with EximiousSoft Poster Designer. Download now to create stunning promotional materials that capture your audience’s attention.

Download EximiousSoft Poster Designer for Windows

EximiousSoft Poster Designer 5.21 | File Size: 37 MB
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Portable EximiousSoft Poster Designer 5.21 | File Size: 42 MB
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