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FTPGetter Professional + Portable Download

by Khushi
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 **Free Download FTPGetter Professional: Streamline Your FTP Tasks**

Discover the power of FTPGetter Professional, available for free download at MrFreeDownload.com. FTPGetter is an indispensable FTP/SFTP client designed for effortlessly downloading and uploading files to your personal websites. It’s equipped with a user-friendly interface and brimming with intuitive options suitable for users of all levels. Notable features include the convenience of automatic tasks and email notifications.


**Features of FTPGetter Professional**


– Simultaneous server operations with multithreaded processing.

– Upload and download multiple files using file masks.

– Support for various file mask types, including wildcard symbols like * and ?, as well as [a-z]???-[^0-9].txt.

– File comparison based on MD5 hashes, modification date, and size.

– Easy file processing in subfolders, retaining the folder structure at the destination.

– Choose transfer types like binary, ASCII, or autodetection based on file extensions.

– Set access rights (chmod) for files after successful uploading.

– Option to delete source files upon successful task completion.

– Convert file name cases for successfully processed files.

– Individualized Scheduler for each profile.

– “Process immediately” feature for immediate task processing without Scheduler settings.


**Protocols, Proxy-Servers, and Security:**

– Support for FTP and secure FTP (SSL/TLS) protocols.

– Access secure FTP servers via explicit (AUTH SSL) and implicit (port 990) methods.

– Authenticate with shared keys, PKCS12 keys, PEM, or ANS1 DER client certificates.

– Configure bandwidth restrictions for upload and download tasks in each profile.

– Use FTP, SOCKS, and HTTP (CONNECT method) proxy-servers with customizable settings.

– Tailor log file settings for each profile.

**Built-in FTP Explorer:**

– Convenient server navigation.

– Bookmarks for swift directory access.

– Execute commands on the server with the command line.

– Preview file properties on the server.

– Modify access rights (chmod) for server files.

– Context menu for file and folder creation, renaming, and deletion.

– Utilize Drag-and-Drop technology or context menu for file and folder upload/download.

– Includes a built-in text editor (beta).

**Other Features:**

– Visual and sound notifications upon task completion.

– Ability to run as a Windows service.

– Background mode for unobtrusive operation.

– “Invisible” mode with no system tray icon or taskbar button.

– User-friendly multi-language interface.

FTPGetter Professional is your key to efficient FTP management. Download now and streamline your file transfers effortlessly.

Download FTPGetter Pro for Windows

FTPGetter Professional | File Size: 28 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 

Portable FTPGetter Professional | File Size: 24 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 

Password 123

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