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High-Logic MainType Download [Latest]

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 Discover the elegance and efficiency of High-Logic MainType, your font management solution on Windows. Say farewell to font-related frustrations as you delve into a world of intuitive functions.

MainType simplifies font management. It empowers you to effortlessly search, preview, organize, install, and print your font sources. Say goodbye to font chaos.


MainType is your gateway to all common font formats: TrueType, OpenType, TrueType Collections, and PostScript Type 1. It’s not just a basic font viewer; it’s a powerhouse designed for graphic artists, typographers, and advanced users.

Customization is at your fingertips. Create and save unique layouts that suit your workflow. Tailor window positions and sizes to your liking. It’s your canvas, and you’re the artist. With an integrated design manager, effortlessly switch between templates using hotkeys.

Adding custom font directories is a breeze. MainType’s wizard guides you through the process, allowing you to choose source directories with ease. Your font library, your way.

Key Features of High-Logic MainType Pro:

1. Install, uninstall, load, and unload fonts with ease.

2. Preview and browse fonts on any drive or directory without installation.

3. Full Unicode support for comprehensive character exploration.

4. Navigate effortlessly with the character grid and Unicode block navigation.

5. Print and preview fonts before finalizing your choices.

6. Support for all popular font formats and more: TrueType, OpenType, TrueType Collections, Postscript Type 1, Vector, and Raster fonts.

7. Manage fonts effortlessly – move, copy, rename, and delete fonts.

8. Benefit from full drag-and-drop support for hassle-free font manipulation.

9. Seamlessly insert characters into background applications.

10. Utilize the font export wizard to generate HTML-based overviews of your fonts.

Experience the elegance of High-Logic MainType’s modern interface. It offers practicality without compromising style.

Ready to simplify your font management? Visit MrFreeDownload.com and download High-Logic MainType today. Unleash your creativity, streamline your workflow, and enjoy the world of fonts with ease.

Download High-Logic MainType Professional for Windows

High-Logic MainType Pro | File Size: 45 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar

Password 123

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