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 **Free Download: IDM UltraFinder – Discover Files and Eliminate Duplicates Effortlessly**

Unleash the power of file discovery with a free download of IDM UltraFinder, your all-in-one solution for finding any file, word, text string, pattern, duplicate, and much more in seconds. Whether you’re searching your hard drive, shared or network volumes, removable drives, or even a remote FTP/SFTP server, UltraFinder is your swift and lightweight Windows search program, engineered to locate text in files across your system. This versatile tool also empowers you to uncover duplicates and efficiently remove or delete them, ensuring your computer remains organized and your hard drive space is optimized. Customize your search with various settings to achieve search perfection.


**Key Highlights of IDM UltraFinder**

*Find Files on Your HDD or FTP Server*

IDM UltraFinder is quick to install, offering a myriad of features. The interface may initially appear overwhelming, with navigation panels, output windows, and required fields all prominently displayed. However, customizable view options allow you to tailor the interface according to your preferences by toggling the visibility of specific panels.

The application presents two operational modes. The first is designed for locating a file based on custom input, enabling searches on your local drive or an FTP server by entering the relevant connection details and account credentials.

*Advanced Filters and Duplicate Finder*

Regardless of the primary location, you must specify the exact folders for searching. Multiple locations can be added to enhance search effectiveness. Basic input can include a word or file mask. Advanced filters provide the flexibility to search for content or name, utilize regular expressions, match whole words, manage case sensitivity, and configure date, size, and attributes for inclusion in the operation.

The second mode focuses on identifying multiple instances of a target file. You need to specify the file’s path and apply filters. Although it doesn’t locate files based on an existing one, filters allow you to exclude zero-byte files, system files, hidden files, items in the Recycle Bin, or those within the Windows folder.

**In Conclusion**

IDM UltraFinder is a rapid file locator, ensuring you find your desired file quickly. It can be used locally or with an FTP server and provides methods for locating a target file or identifying duplicate entries. Advanced filters allow for precise result refinement, making this application a must-try.

**IDM UltraFinder Features**

– FTP browser with proxy support.

– Support for multiple FTP accounts.

– Customizable file filters.

– Regular expression support.

– Ability to ignore specific subdirectories, file types, and file names.

Optimize your file search and eliminate duplicates effortlessly with IDM UltraFinder. Download it for free and streamline your file management processes.

Download IDM UltraFinder for Windows

IDM UltraFinder | 64 bit | File Size: 35 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 


Password 123

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