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IObit Smart Defrag Free Download + Portable

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 **Unlock Peak PC Performance with IObit Smart Defrag!** Download it now to experience a faster, more efficient computer.

**Why Choose IObit Smart Defrag:**


– **Free & Powerful**: It’s a free disk defragmenter that speeds up your entire system with lightning-fast and efficient disk defragmentation.

– **World-Leading Technology**: Built with IObit’s cutting-edge defrag engine and “Boot Time Disk Defrag” tech, it’s known for its top-notch defragmentation abilities.

– **Intelligent Optimization**: Not only does it defragment, but it also smartly organizes your files based on usage frequency, boosting disk speed and overall system performance.

– **Quiet & Automatic**: Works silently in the background, suitable even for large hard drives, ensuring your PC runs smoothly.

– **Proven Performance**: Disk fragments are a major culprit of slow and unstable PC performance. Smart Defrag tackles this issue head-on.

**Key Features of IObit Smart Defrag:**

– **Extremely Fast Defragmentation**: Boasts the world’s fastest defragmenting speed and advanced defragmenting capabilities, designed for modern, large hard drives.

– **Optimized Disk Performance**: Not just defragmentation, it streamlines your file system, placing frequently used files in the fastest part of the disk for maximum speed and stability.

– **Always-On Automatic Defragmentation**: Runs quietly in the background, keeping your PC fragment-free and running smoothly.

– **Boot Time Defrag**: Defrag files during system boot-up, enhancing PC startup speed.

– **Data Safety**: Unlike other defragmenters, it doesn’t harm your hard drive. It uses “Safe Intelligence” technology to ensure your disk’s health.

– **Scheduled Defragmentation**: Maintain peak PC performance with flexible scheduling options.

– **User-Friendly**: Intuitive interface makes it suitable for computer novices.

**New Features in Version 9:**

– **Up to 200% Faster File Access Speed**: Experience lightning-fast file access.

– **Boot Time Defragment**: Speed up PC startup with smart defragmentation.

– **Customized Defrag**: Choose what to defrag for ultimate control.

– **DMA for Faster Data Transfer**: Enjoy faster, more stable data transfer.

– **Auto Update**: Stay up-to-date with the latest version.

– **24/7 Technical Support**: Get help whenever you need it.

Revitalize your computer’s performance. Download IObit Smart Defrag and watch your PC soar to new heights. Don’t wait – optimize your PC today! Get it now!

Download IObit Smart Defrag for Windows

Smart Defrag | File Size: 14 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 

Portable Smart Defrag | File Size: 22 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 

Password 123

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