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Lansweeper 10.6 Free Download [Latest]

by Khushi
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Managing your network and keeping track of all your
computers and devices has never been easier! Say goodbye to the hassle of
manual inventory tracking and welcome Lansweeper, the automated network
discovery and asset management tool. With Lansweeper, you can effortlessly scan
and display all your computers and devices in a user-friendly web interface.
Best of all, it’s completely agent-free, so there’s no need to install any
additional software on your devices.

By visiting mrfreedownload.com and using
the keyword “free download Lansweeper 10.6,” you can experience the
power of this incredible software for yourself.


Here are some key features of Lansweeper:

Software Inventory: With Lansweeper, you can easily
track and audit all the software installed on your network. Generate
comprehensive software inventory reports to determine which applications are
installed on each computer. You can even search for unknown software and
publishers directly from the web interface, ensuring that your network is free
from outdated or unauthorized software.

Hardware Inventory: Lansweeper goes beyond software
inventory and also detects all the hardware devices in your computers. With its
change tracking capability, it can identify when a device has been modified or
removed. From Windows devices to Linux systems, printers to routers, Lansweeper
gathers details about all IP-enabled devices on your network through its
network discovery scan.

License Compliance: Keeping track of software and
operating system licenses can be a tedious task. But with Lansweeper, it becomes
effortless. The computer inventory feature provides valuable insights into the
number of software versions installed and identifies any missing licenses. Stay
compliant and avoid any licensing issues with ease.

Compliance Reporting: Every successful company needs
efficient policies to ensure a smoothly running network. Lansweeper’s
compliance reporting and dashboard features empower you to generate a wide
range of asset management reports. Whether you want to identify who lacks the
latest version of a virus scanner or who is missing an essential patch for your
ERP solution, Lansweeper has got you covered. The possibilities are endless!

Active Directory Integration: Lansweeper seamlessly
integrates with your active directory, gathering all the user and computer
details for your scanned machines. Generate reports based on organizational
units (OU), integrate user pictures, and effortlessly clean up your active

Eventlog Integration: Windows computers often
generate error logs in the Eventlog. Lansweeper simplifies this process by
consolidating all these errors and providing you with timely alerts via email
whenever an important error occurs. Stay on top of your network’s health with

Ready to take control of your network management? Visit mrfreedownload.com
today and use the keyword “free download Lansweeper 10.6” to unlock
the full potential of this exceptional software. Say goodbye to manual
inventory tracking and embrace the power of Lansweeper for a more efficient and
streamlined network management experience.


Lansweeper 10.6 | File Size: 240 MB


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