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Low Poly Cats

by Khushi
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Version 2.0

– Added new action animations

– Changed all bones’ names to be more understandable


– Again try to improve almost all animation and add new ones (now the package has 90 animations)

Version 1.1

– Completely redesigned head and face shape

– Improve almost all animation and add new ones (now the package has 80 animations)


– If your materials are pink, please follow this tutorial

– In this package, all materials are set up using Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and used shader graph, in order to achieve changeable colors in Unity, but you can switch to Standard RP and change all material by hand. But it’s pretty easy. Also, you will need to change the texture to your color.

– If you have some questions, suggestions, or anything else, feel free to write to us: indiecatstudios@gmail.com

Check the Price on Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/animals/mammals/animx-low-poly-cats-185996


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