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Mirillis Action Download 4.37.0 + Portable

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 Unlock the world of Mirillis Action Download, your gateway to a realm of stunning HD video recording and gameplay capture. Experience the pinnacle of performance and user-friendly design with Action!.

**Why Choose Mirillis Action**:


1. **Free Download**:

   – Download Mirillis Action for free from our software library.

2. **HD Video Recording**:

   – Capture your Windows Aero desktop in mesmerizing HD video quality in real-time.

3. **Benchmark and Display Frame Rates**:

   – Measure and showcase game frame-rates, record gameplay, and add live audio commentary to create top-notch tutorials.

4. **Compact and Stylish**:

   – Action! offers a sleek and user-friendly interface, setting a new standard for real-time gameplay and desktop recording software.

**Versatile Features of Mirillis Action Download**:

1. **Record HD Gameplay**:

   – Experience the smoothest real-time HD gameplay video recording.

   – Monitor and save game frame rates during gameplay.

2. **Desktop Recording with Ease**:

   – Record your desktop and application activities in high framerate HD.

   – Add microphone audio commentary effortlessly to create tutorials.

3. **Capture Web Videos in Real-Time**:

   – Record videos from websites and applications on the fly.

   – Capture videos from any web player, regardless of the service you use.

4. **Effortless Exporting**:

   – Select predefined profiles and export your recordings to popular formats and devices.

   – Use hardware-accelerated video exporting with NVIDIA CUDA or Intel Quick Sync Video technologies to save time and energy.

5. **Seamless YouTube and Facebook Uploads**:

   – Export and upload your recordings directly to YouTube and Facebook.

   – Action! provides predefined exporting profiles for quick and easy sharing.

6. **Capture Screenshots**:

   – Take multiple screenshots of your games or desktop without interrupting your work or gameplay.

7. **Live Audio Commentary**:

   – Record live audio commentary during gameplay or desktop recording.

   – Enjoy full control over microphone input volume and mixing with system sounds.

8. **User-Friendly Interface**:

   – Action! boasts a compact, stylish, and intuitive interface.

   – Built-in managers for recordings, benchmarks, and screenshots simplify navigation and management.

9. **Record System Audio**:

   – Capture all system sounds, music, and game audio with the audio recording function.

   – Create podcasts with ease and enjoy small and compact M4A format recordings in real-time.

10. **Play in HD, Record in SD**:

    – Optimize disk space with ultra-efficient 480p video recording while enjoying HD gameplay and desktop capture.

11. **Effortless Video Playback**:

    – Utilize the internal ultra-responsive player for smooth playback of high-bitrate video recordings.

12. **Outstanding Performance**:

    – Action! delivers unrivaled performance, thanks to Mirillis’ proprietary video codec (FIC – Fast Intra Compression standard) and multicore optimization.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your video recording and gameplay capture experience. Download Mirillis Action now from the link provided on MrFreeDownload.com. Embrace a new era of performance and quality in real-time HD video recording. Take Action! today!

Download Mirillis Action! Portable

Mirillis Action 4.37.0 | File Size: 106 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar

Portable Mirillis Action 4.22.0 | File Size: 109 MB

Password 123

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