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Musical Instruments and Ac­cessor­ies

by Khushi
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+ Bongo
+ Conga / Conga Small (with stand)
+ Tambourine
+ Triangle
+ Cabasa
+ Maraca
+ Wood Block
+ Cowbell
+ Clave
+ Vibraslap (blendshape animation included)
+ Guiro
+ Cuica

+ Sheet Music Stand (adjustable)
+ Conducting Baton
+ Microphone
+ Microphone Stand (adjustable)
+ PA Speaker (switch, knobs)
+ PA Speaker Satellite (adjustable)

Some components like keys or knobs are individual gameobjects. For keyboards, there is a simple script to control the keys and the pedals. Some animations like bass drum pedal, Hi-hat, vibraslap are also provided. Of course, you can use your own animations or scripts to control them.

Materials can be easily converted into URP versions, since they are using standard shader.


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