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R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2424 + Portable (Latest 2023)

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 **Free Download R-Wipe & Clean: Protect Your Privacy and Enhance PC Performance**

MrFreeDownload.com is pleased to offer you a **free download of R-Wipe & Clean** from our software library. R-Wipe & Clean is a comprehensive solution designed to help you maintain your computer’s privacy and optimize its performance by securely wiping useless files. This powerful utility ensures the irretrievable deletion of private records associated with both your online and offline activities.


**Key Features of R-Wipe & Clean:**

1. **Effective Privacy Protection**: R-Wipe & Clean efficiently erases a wide range of sensitive data, including temporary Internet files, browsing history, cookies, autocomplete forms, passwords, swap files, recently opened documents lists, Explorer MRU (most recently used) lists, temporary files, and traces from over 300 third-party applications. By doing so, it safeguards your privacy and frees up valuable disk space.

2. **Multiple Wiping Algorithms**: The utility offers a choice between fast and secure-erase algorithms for wiping files and unused disk space. You can create wipe lists containing specific files and folders, enabling you to erase them in a single operation. R-Wipe & Clean is compatible with both FAT and NTFS file systems.

3. **Flexible Scheduling**: You can combine separate wiping and cleaning tasks and schedule them to initiate either immediately or as background tasks at predefined times or events. This flexibility ensures that your PC remains clutter-free and optimized without manual intervention.

4. **Browser-Specific Cleaning**: R-Wipe & Clean includes comprehensive trace cleaning for popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and others. It covers data such as cookies, history, stored text in forms, stored passwords, and downloads. The utility also supports trace cleaning for instant messaging applications like Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger.

5. **Additional Features**: R-Wipe & Clean offers a host of other useful features, including a scheduler and a boss key for added convenience. It also provides stealth mode for discreet operation and a customizable system integration that allows most wipe and delete operations to be performed directly from within Windows. Furthermore, the utility supports password protection for added security.

R-Wipe & Clean is your go-to solution for ensuring your online and offline privacy while optimizing your computer’s performance. Download it today and experience the benefits of a cleaner, faster, and more secure PC. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your computer’s performance and protect your privacy with R-Wipe & Clean.

Download R-Wipe & Clean for Windows

R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2424 | File Size: 25 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 

Portable R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2424 | File Size: 26 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar 

Password 123

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