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 RealPlayer, the pioneer integrating Real’s groundbreaking Harmony technology, is your gateway to a world of digital entertainment. It empowers you to purchase and download music compatible with over 100 portable devices, including the iconic Apple iPod. RealPlayer for PC stands as the quintessential digital-media player, embracing a spectrum of functions: discovering and downloading fresh music, orchestrating audio and video clips, and keeping your digital collection within arm’s reach. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless media experience.

Unleash the potential of Helix Powered RealPlayer, the ultimate digital media player. This versatile streaming-media player offers enhanced video controls and access to a staggering 3200 radio stations.


During installation, RealPlayer provides the option to include the Real Toolbar for Internet Explorer. It augments your experience with an improved graphic equalizer and media services, complete with a radio tuner and a comprehensive artist and music guide. Stay updated with daily sports news through the Take 5 news service. The contextual video search simplifies finding interviews with your beloved artists. The RealPlayer music store lets you acquire music files effortlessly. Moreover, it facilitates file transfers to CDs and portable devices.

Unlock the world of online videos with RealPlayer® SP, enabling you to download content from thousands of websites with a single click. Experience the ease of converting and transferring your favorite online and personal videos to iTunes, cell phones, iPods, BlackBerries, Xbox, or PS3.

Elevate your social presence with RealPlayer SP’s free video-sharing capabilities on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. The simplicity and versatility of free video sharing have never been more accessible. Download your video, then choose to email it, post it on your Facebook Profile, or add it to your Tweet on Twitter. Customize your message, and you’re ready to roll.

RealPlayer simplifies DVD burning, providing speed, ease of use, and the capability to create both audio and video DVDs. It ticks all the boxes for DVD burning software.

Key Features of RealTimes RealPlayer Free Download:

**Video Features:**

– Universal Player: Play a wide array of media types, including Flash, Quicktime MPEG–4, Windows Media, DVDs, and CDs.

– High-Quality Video: Enjoy HD and near DVD–quality video and audio with your broadband connection.

– iTunes Compatibility: Transfer your favorite videos from numerous websites to your iTunes library.

– LivePause & Perfect Play: Pause, rewind, and fast–forward through live audio or video clips. Create instant replays.

– Built-In Media Browser: Surf the web while playing video clips or listening to music.

**Audio Features:**

– Advanced CD Burning: Rip, mix, and burn CDs and MP3s swiftly. Normalize volume, set up crossfades, and eliminate gaps between tracks.

– Advanced Audio: Take charge with a 10–band equalizer. Convert vinyl, tape, and voice to digital files.

– 10–Band Graphic EQ: Customize your sound with precision using a 10–band graphic equalizer. Adjust for room size, input type, and more.

– Crossfade: Seamlessly transition between songs and add reverb for professional-sounding mixes.

– Multiple Audio Formats: Support for audio CD, MP3, WMA, AAC, RealAudio Lossless, and more.

– Surround Sound: RealPlayer offers 5-channel audio and a dedicated subwoofer channel.

– RealAudio Lossless Format: Burn high-quality CDs using only half the disk space of standard CD audio.

– Visualizations: Elevate your music’s visual appeal with dynamic animations synchronized to the beat.

Embrace the versatility, performance, and convenience of RealPlayer by downloading it from MrFreeDownload.com. Elevate your digital entertainment experience with this indispensable media tool.

Download RealTimes RealPlayer Plus for Windows

RealPlayer Free | File Size: 65 MB
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RealPlayer Plus | File Size: 26 MB

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