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Tor Browser 12.5.4 + Portable Free Download (Latest 2023)

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 **Unlock Safe and Anonymous Browsing**: Tor Browser is your gateway to secure and anonymous online exploration. You can download it for free from MrFreeDownload.com. Safeguard your digital life from potential threats and protect your identity as you surf the web.

**Stay Protected**: Going online can expose your system to malicious software that can wreak havoc. Relying solely on antivirus software isn’t enough, especially if you want to avoid tracking and maintain your privacy. Tor Browser Bundle is the solution to access your favorite websites without fear of attacks or identity compromise.


**A Secure Environment**: Tor Browser Bundle offers a web browser designed to keep you safe. It’s built on a custom version of Mozilla Firefox, offering a user-friendly interface while prioritizing your system’s security. 

**Enhanced Security**: The integrated HTTPS Everywhere addon is a crucial component. It encrypts communication between your computer and the websites you visit, adding an extra layer of protection. You have the flexibility to configure it to your preferences, allowing or restricting access to specific content.

**Tailored Connection**: To ensure a secure browsing experience, Tor Browser requires you to select your connection type. Whether you prefer a standard connection or need to configure settings for proxies or firewalls, it caters to your specific needs.

**Advanced Settings**: Tor Browser provides advanced settings through the Torbutton feature. You can fully customize connection settings, manage cookie protection, and even change your identity for heightened security. These options empower both beginners and experts to navigate the web safely.

**Your Complete Online Security Package**: Tor Browser Bundle is equipped with all the tools necessary to keep you safe on the internet. It’s user-friendly, making it accessible to beginners, while offering advanced settings for those who want to fine-tune their online security. Whether you’re a casual user or a tech expert, Tor Browser Bundle is your shield against online threats.

Don’t compromise your online safety. Download Tor Browser from MrFreeDownload.com today and experience the freedom of secure and anonymous browsing.

Download Tor Browser Portable

Tor Browser 12.5.4 | 32 bit | File Size: 91 MB

Tor Browser 12.5.4 | 64 bit | File Size: 91 MB

Portable Tor Browser 12.5.4 | 64 bit | File Size: 117 MB

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