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WindowTop Pro 5.22.2 Free Download

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 **Free Download WindowTop Pro: Elevate Your Window Management Experience**

At MrFreeDownload.com, we’re thrilled to offer you a **free download of WindowTop Pro**, a versatile application that empowers you to take control of your windows and enhance your desktop experience. Whether you’re looking to keep specific windows on top, improve transparency, or create a dark mode, WindowTop Pro has you covered.


**WindowTop Pro: Unlocking Window Management**

*Key Features of WindowTop Pro:*

**1. Always on Top**

WindowTop Pro allows you to easily set any window on top of others, making it stand out on your screen. You can even customize the appearance by highlighting the top-most window with a red frame.

**2. Anchors**

If you want a quick way to access specific windows, Anchors is the feature for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of using ALT+TAB to switch between windows. Anchors provide a one-click solution for faster window access, making it particularly useful for touch screen users.

**3. Picture-in-Picture (PiP)**

Need to keep an eye on a video while working? No problem. WindowTop Pro lets you shrink a window to enable PiP mode, allowing you to interact with the window even in its reduced size.

**4. PiP Auto-Move**

The PiP feature also comes with an auto-move option, ensuring the PiP window stays clear of text and images, so it doesn’t obstruct your view.

**5. Opacity and Click-Through**

WindowTop Pro offers opacity control, enabling you to adjust the transparency of a window. Moreover, you can utilize the click-through feature to interact with the content behind a transparent window, making it a valuable tool for designers and graphic artists.

**6. Dark Mode**

Working late at night? Tired of the bright screen glare? WindowTop Pro introduces a dark mode to reduce screen brightness, providing comfort during nighttime work sessions.

Please note that while WindowTop Pro is stable in Windows 11, it may have some instability in Windows 10. With WindowTop Pro, you can elevate your window management and create a more efficient and personalized desktop experience. Download it today and take full control of your windows.

Download WindowTop Pro for PC

WindowTop Pro 5.22.2 | File Size: 31 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar

Password 123

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