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Fantasy World – Dwarf City

by Khushi
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With this pack you can create a complete dwarf city. It contains models for a surface fortress/entrance area, an underground city and tunnels and halls. The meshes are modular and can be combined in many different ways.

-Complete dwarf city

-Models for surface entrance gate area, fortress, underground city and tunnels+halls

-Additional level art

-Modular floors, walls, ceilings, pillars

-Meshes can be put together with vertex snapping

-Create your own layout and build your dwarf city from scratch – or use the included example scenes

-400+ meshes included

-Suitable for 1st / 3rd person as well as isometric view

-4 rocks

-3 trees

-4 bushes

-2 snow particle effects

-6 ground textures

-2 demo scenes are included

-Ready to use prefabs of all models are included

-Prefabs have a collider

-PBR textures (specular)

-Texture sizes are 4096 and 2048


The terrain, trees and bushes of this asset don’t work in URP or HDRP because there is no upgraded terrain / tree shader for these render pipelines available.

Only use this asset in URP or HDRP if you know how to make the shaders compatible.


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